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News - Ruislip Rifle Club

By now, all members should have received a newsletter from our Chairman. If you haven't, please check your email inbox and junk mail filter. If you still can't find it, contact us with your email address to make sure we can send you important updates.

Continued shooting as Ruislip RC

We have been at our current location since 1957, originally in a wooden building and in our current one since the 1960's. This will come to an end at the end of October when HS2 will take possession of our premises. The last date for shooting in the current building will be 19th October, to allow time for the work to remove anything of value.

The club will continue to exist and you will be able to shoot in Ruislip RC teams.

We have looked at the facilities and costs that local ranges can offer us. Your Committee’s unanimous view is that you Stanmore Rifle & Pistol Club offers the best temporary home until our new range is built. This club can accommodate all the disciples shot at Ruislip, ie. prone rifle, sporting rifle, air pistol and rifle. Additionally benchrest rifle can be shot there. This is a modern range with excellent shooting facilities, a kitchen, nearby parking and toilets.
Importantly Stanmore RPC will allow us to shoot as Ruislip RC. Full details of what is entailed are set out in the newsletter sent to members.

A form for Stanmore RPC can be downloaded from the web site, or you can pick one up at Ruislip’s clubhouse. 

Ruislip RC subscription

At the last AGM it was agreed that your membership will be renewed each year free of charge until we have a new range. In addition, if funds permit, we intend to offer a period of free membership to current members (as at 31 October 2018) lasting up to a year after we open the new range.   

Please remember to get your Ruislip RC membership card updated each year. Ruislip RC will continue to be a Home Office Approved Club and we expect most, if not all, members to keep Ruislip as their Primary Club (as changing this involves notifying the police firearms team).

Firearm Certificate

You must be able to show good reason to hold each firearm on your FAC. The police's yardstick for this is that you should use a firearm at least 3 times a year to justify you having it. We have to inform the police when a member who has nominated Ruislip RC as his or her primary club fails to meet this requirement. We will Introduce a record keeping system for Ruislip members using Stanmore RC for this purpose. We won’t know if you are using your firearm(s) if you don’t join Stanmore so in this case it is in your best interests to tell Ruislip RC’s Secretary when you do use them. This way you won’t be reported as not using your firearms. It is your responsibility to ensure that your shooting activities are recorded.

The new range

In November HS2 will submit an application for planning permission for the redevelopment of the whole golf course site and this will include our new range. Once planning permission is granted we and HS2 will go back to the council with the intention of agreeing the release of the land to us but at HS2’s cost.

At this time it isn’t possible to give a date for the new range to be open for use.


We are not accepting new members due to the loss of our range. Existing members can continue to shoot as members of Ruislip Rifle Club.

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Dates to Remember

Mon Dec 24 Stanmore RC closed
Mon Dec 31 Stanmore RC closed

National News (NSRA)

19 December 2018

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