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Ruislip Rifle Club has a thriving 10m Air Pistol and Air Rifle section. In the recent national NSRA/Eley Air Pistol competition, we had three members reach the finals of the Eley 10M Air Pistol competition, quite an achievement in itself.

Gavin Wilson won class D, Jonathan Lake came second in class B and Nigel Meek did well to reach the final in class D but was disappointed in not reaching his average. The results have been published on the NSRA web site.

The NSRA and Eley run annual competitions in different shooting disciplines. The first stage is shot and scored in clubs. For the top competitors in stage 1, the second stage is shot locally and the targets sent away to be scored to decide who should qualify for the final. The finals are held at Bisley, with the finalists shooting shoulder-to-shoulder. For the smallbore rifle disciplines the finals are held during the NSRA Rifle Meeting in August, and for Air Pistol and other disciplines they are held in early October each year.

Ruislip's 10m Air Pistol and Air Rifle section has grown steadilly over the past eight years, with most members choosing to shoot Air Pistol.

We are sorry, but we are unable to accept any more new members that require instruction for the time being. When we are in a position to accept new members again we will post a notice here inviting you to contact us.
In the meantime, we recommend you try one of our neighbouring clubs:

Why is your membership closed for so much of the time?

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Range Rota

Thu Aug 24 Sporting Airgun
Fri Aug 25 Rifle - MP
Mon Aug 28 Range Closed
Tue Aug 29 Sporting Airgun
Wed Aug 30 10m Airgun
Thu Aug 31 Sporting Airgun
Fri Sep 01 Rifle - AS
Mon Sep 04 Rifle - LW
Tue Sep 05 Sporting Airgun
Wed Sep 06 10m Airgun
Thu Sep 07 Sporting Airgun
Fri Sep 08 Rifle - CG

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